Tsai Award

Tsai Award Winner

Sammy He
Imperial College London

General Information

Tsai award will be given for the best student paper presented at ICCM22. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, provided that he or she is enrolled at a university at the time of submitting abstract and is the first author and presenter of the paper.

The Abstract and Paper will be submitted in the same way as the conference submissions. The deadline for Tsai Award applications has now passed.

Two regional finalists will be selected from each of the three ICCM world regions and invited to present their papers in a special session named “Tsai Best Student Paper” in Melbourne. The winner will receive a free ticket for the ICCM22 banquet where they will be presented with the award and USD500. The selection will be based on both the quality of the paper and the presentation. Those submissions that are not selected to present at the Tsai Best Student Paper session will be treated as a regular paper submitted to the conference.

Selection Guidelines

  1. The technical merit of the work is the most important. The papers will be judged on the clarity and conciseness of the statement of the objectives of the work, and the clarity and conciseness of the statement of the approaches, procedures, and methodologies for achieving these objectives.
  2. A summary of important conclusions should be included, and these should be substantiated. The significance of the findings, how they contribute to the state of the art, and how they relate to the work of other investigators should be easily determined from the writing.
  3. Effective use of tables and figures, and ease of understanding them, including units, dimensions, legends, labels, symbol and line types and colours, etc., will be considered.
  4. Presentation quality includes clarity, organization, audio-visual quality, and timing.

Submission Instructions

If you want to apply for Tsai Award, please submit your abstract to a separate Tsai Award category in the conference submission system. Your submission will be considered as a valid application only when your abstract has been successfully submitted. You will be informed by email no later than March 31, 2019 if your abstract satisfies the criteria listed above and is selected as regional candidate for the Tsai Best Student Paper session. After that, the selected candidates will need to submit full paper via conference submission system in order to complete qualification for the Tsai Award.